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If a customer calls you and starts to be rude with you, how you react? what do you answer?

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In any case always be kind, don't freak out and try to make the customer change idea about the company, may be giving him a little refund.

I will keep my self control and I will try to make the customer to understand that everything have a solution

Which are your strengths and your weakness?

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How would you handle a situation when a guess arrives at a hotel with a pre-paid reservation only to discover that there is no room for him/her?

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Tell me about an experience with an angry customer. (In details)...pretty much describe how you handled it and how you made customer happy again.

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-They give you a complaint email of a guest and you are supposed to write an answer. They evaluate your answer.

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Da ich eine Stelle in Teilzeit suchte und die Stelle eigentlich in Vollzeit ausgeschrieben war, wurde ich gefragt, ob ich sie auch in Vollzeit ausüben könnte und was dem entgegen steht.

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Allgemeine Fragen...was man bis jetzt gemacht hat...warum man sich hier bewirbt, wie man mit stressigen Kunden umgeht....

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How would you react if a customer started shouting at you during a call?

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They asked about teamwork, if i had experience with client service, why did i choose this job/company.

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