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Red Hat
Customer Service and Sales Representative wurde gefragt...24. August 2019

Why Red Hat?

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Red heart is designed to provide a secured environment for the researchers to collect and store sensitive information for the team . Weniger

Red heart also indicate love and 14th of February is valentine day

Red hat is a standard company I trust with full understanding of human resources management and employees apprisal Weniger

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Carry Telecom

Are you available on weekends?

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Yes i am available.

Oui je suis toujours prêt pour le travail

I always ready for job

Air Canada

How I I dealt with difficult customer

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Hi, were those 3 exams GIA, PPA, and IQ?

How long after the interview did they call you? Or did they send you an email? It’s been a week since my face to face and I had to do my 3 exams yesterday Weniger

I answered the question of my previous difficult situation with customer

IBEX Global

Do you have any previous retail experience?

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Yes, I have a previous retail experience which Is one year ago in summer.


Yes I do have some sales experience.

How do you perform under pressure?

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As long as I've been on the phones after a while you don't get flustered or feel pressure. Weniger

Pressure is always there...preparation and confidence are how you can successfully perform under pressure. Weniger

Air Canada

What was a time when you made a mistake on the job, and how did you fixed it? What did you learn about that experience?

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Hi when they called you and said you were selected, how long after that took them to send you the offer by email? Weniger

Hey! They called me on March 28th and I received the offer letter the next day on march 29th via email! I start training on April 30th! Weniger


They asked a lot of situational questions. Like “ how would you react in this scenario”?

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I love and can do what i think it's good for everyone

I'd lose my sheeit Bro... Basically at the slightest issue.

Wells Fargo

What do you value more customer service or sales?

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Customer service because the sales will come if the service is consistently great. Weniger

Customer service because when the customer feel like they are getting all the benefits and information they are more likely to refer to a friend and keep coming back Weniger

CB&S International

Would you be able to lead a sales team.

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Provide an answer to the question (optional).

With the proper training and my Work ethics the answer would be yes

What course I took in college?

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I took a tourism management course as passion for this industry.

I tokk a Public Relation & Speaking to develop your Sales Skill

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