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Tell me about 5 things you can use a pen for, except writing (this one was when they actually didn't know what they ask me as they already knew everything)

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- drawing a picture - scratching - pressing onto a small thing in hardly available place - using a spring from pen as a paperclip - playing with it (e.g. wrapping with your hair)

I was asked about my previous job. Everything: my duties, the most stressful story, my own ideas, etc.

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He may ask you to explain about everything in detailed that is mentioned in your CV

Sind Sie ein Generalist der die breite im Auge behält, oder sind Sie detailverliebt und gehen in die Tiefe

The classics like: "When was the last time you made a mistake?". They asked a lot of questions about me personally away from work, what I enjoy etc. I thought that was a nice touch. It turned out that my eventual boss was a jazz musician (I am a guitar player), so we connected over that as I recall.

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Can you describe a time where you have faced a problem, and found a resolution?

Please explain what you have done since you graduated university.

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