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why do you like about our games

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I like the historical content in some of the games.

Why InnoGames, When can we expect you to start working, things about previous work

- Tell us about yourself. - Questions about previous work I did, and the logistics / pipeline of it, team structure, and trying to find out if I understand game production pipelines - How would you deal with a difficult colleague - What would your ideal team look like - What does a good team lead / manager look like to you - How would your friends describe you? - What will your biggest issue working in-house be? - A lot of technical questions regarding design issues, how I would approach certain problems and how I would redesign existing games they made - these questions were tough because I could tell they are prodding at the new project they are developing at the moment, but without me knowing (at that point) what that project is - Discussion of my art test, some feedback on it, asking for my opinion on it as well - What do you expect from your employer to make you happy? - What do you most want to improve in your current work? And what are you currently doing to work on that? - What other weaknesses do you have? Many questions were just following the flow of conversation, and follow-up questions to things I said, with some prepared questions added in between.

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