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New York Police Department
Police Communications Technician wurde gefragt...11. Januar 2016

Why do you feel this job is right for you?

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I love helping Antoine and everyone I can.

I love helping anyone and everyone I can.

How is the drug test tooken ?

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Lafayette Police Department - Indiana

Why do you want this job?

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I made something up about every day being different. Saying you want to use this job as a stepping stone to something else in law enforcement will make them pause before hiring you, since the turnover rate is so high as it is. They frown upon people trying to use them to further their career in a different department or with a another agency. Weniger

Because I've done this for 40 years. I

Because it's what I know and am proficient at doing.

New York Police Department

Why do you want to be a Police Communication Technician?

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How was the drug test tooken ? Is there a polygraph ?

I love to help people... There is no other job that gives you the opportunity to assist a large number of people in emergency situations in just a matter of minutes. Weniger

American Honda Motor

What skills would I bring to the table?

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Automobile spaire parts job

Hardworking and pleasing personality then good communication & dedication of hour work Weniger


What writing tools do you know how to use?

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I have extensive experience using frame-maker


Lafayette Police Department - Indiana

How do you organize yourself when you have multiple tasks to complete?

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Give them an example from a previous position that shows them you have completed multiple tasks at the same time and had to meet a deadline. Tell them how you manage multiple tasks; either through an electronic device or making lists and prioritizing tasks. Play up the part about prioritizing tasks. Weniger


Why does a switch need an ip?

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For managment

QinetiQ US

No unusual questions.

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Resume was a match.


How has your education prepared you for this position?

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My training in computer networking has given me the basic understanding of cabling and cable theory. Weniger

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