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Why am I interested in Clinical Investigation

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It is so important for all of us...nobody knows when we are going to need a new medicine for example, and we have to be sure, it is going to work and help.

Tell us about yourself.

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If we asked your best friend, what would she say about you? What are you good at and what could be better?

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Why CRA? What do you like and dislike about the constant traveling? How do you manage dealing with rather dificult SCs and PIs?

general question, prepare your self about info about the company. what is your motivation, what is your aspiration, can you work over hours?

Wie organisieren Sie punktgenau den Zugriff auf Genmaterial zur Lieferung an die Prüfzentren.

You go to a site to do SDV and you realize you don't see the ICF signed by the patient. You ask the doctor and he answers that the patient signed it but he forgot to keep a copy. Will you be able to proceed with the monitoring visit? What steps would you take?

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