Fragen im Bewerbungsgespräch: Associate consultant in Region Chicago, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika |

Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Associate consultant in Chicago, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika


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If you witnessed a colleague giving away free products, how would you handle the situation?

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I answered - I assume the free product was not meant to be given away, so I would ask the employee why she did what she did then I would brainstorm with her about why we shouldnt do that as well as that is not allowed by the company, our employer. I would ask to stop because her job is at stake and I enjoy working with her etch

I would say this is for the customer to encourage them to buy the areal product if you gave out with no reason it's not good for the business and also you might be at the risk of the losing job and I don't want to lose you

It depends on my position. If I was in leadership or management I would discreetly have a conversation with that employee and let them know that we need to go our separate ways. I Would follow the policies and procedures set up by the company. I would have no problem doing that. If I was a coworker I would notify my manager so that she could handle it accordingly.

You have an unlimited number of marbles colored 3 ways (green, red, blue) how many marbles do you need to select in order to be certain you have one of each color

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Asking the same question twice.

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How much would you charge to wash the windows in downtown?

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Tell me what the purpose of a VLookup is. What core value of CS do you align most with? What is your leadership style? What would you do if you were presented with a project you didn't have the expertise for? Tell me something I wouldn't know about you based on your resume. Tell me about something you've taught yourself recently.

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Why do you want to work here?

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Role Play: You're at a club fair in college promoting your college club. You have to get me to join your club immediately and pay you $50. How do you handle this.

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What's the difference between Obamacare and the ACA?

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First Round, Interviewer: Associate Type: Basic math and market sizing 1. If you had a 3.3 GPA your first two years and a 3.6 your third year, what GPA would you need to get in your final year to achieve a 3.5 cumulative GPA? 2. How many waffles are consumed in hotels in the US on an annual basis?

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Final Round, Interviewer: Senior Manager Type: Strategy case 1. (Set in 2007, prior to bag checking) Our client is a leading airline that is considering checking bags. Should we do it?

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