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Fragen in Vorstellungsgesprächen für Business Intelligence


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Do you know SQL?

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Hi, can you please tell something kind of the task you were given on the onsite interview? thanks

Very general questions

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Write a routine in SQL which detects and separates primes and stores, the discussion then built upon the question as I worked through it

Wie gehen Sie mit Konflikten um?

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Standard questions: what are you good at, how was the culture at your previous work place? Not so standard: As such a tech-oriented person, how do you feel about working with Windows XP (before they installed Windows 7)?

Business Case: Estimate the kilograms of steel in the cranes of the city of Berlin

Why rocket? do you know their companies? What's the difference between left side and inner join (SQL)? How would you load very big datafile to sql datase?

How would you prioritise with all the overwhelming need for data-driven decisions.

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