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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Trainee in Bonn


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What is the achievement I am most proud of. Am I self confident? How will I solve the problem between Finance and Controlling, because it will definetely arise. What would my friends tell me to improve?

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be carefull, they hire for managerial positions, so if you say My friends will advice me to be more confident and believe in myself, they will consider you as a bad match for the trainee.

Viele Fragen zur Verhaltensanalyse: Waren Sie schon einmal in einer Situation, wo Sie schnell eine Entscheidung treffen mussten? etc.

Are you willing to spend first 3 months looking over delivery men for doing customer research?

Describe a situation with someone where you didn't get along and how did you manage to fix the situation in order to complete the assigned task?

Do you know any current global situation which can hinder the logistics industry?

1. What are the main divisions of DPDHL? 2. Who is the CEO of DPDHL? 3. How many employees do they have in the whole world? 4. Where is the headquarter of DPDHL? 5. What is your biggest weakness?

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