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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Social media in Berlin


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How do I react in stressful situations or stress in general.

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In a non rectory way; employing tactics to relax (mediation, exercise.. )

Regular CV questions.

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What was the worst experience with a client and what did you do about it?

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How can we improve social media ads for static product images... How can you improve the campaign (they share their screen and showed me a datasheet) ...

Wie würde ich eine SoMe Strategie für eine Werbekampagne auf Klicks entwickeln?

Tell me more about your experience? What made you apply for this job? What are your (salary) expectations? Tell me a specific example of what you would make different regarding the current social media channels? How would you measure success?

What are the main companies of our Group? How would you measure X (social media) if you were running that company?

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