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Puzzle: How do you weight an elephant without using a weigh machine?

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Use a pool -> calculate the volume of water of the pool and the water level, put the elephant in the pool, take note of the level after the elephant after it is in the pool. By Archimedes principle, the volume of water dislocated is the same as the weight. So the weight of the elephant is the same as the difference in water volume.

Not quite. The volume of the water is not the same as the weight of the elephant. You'd have to estimate the density of an elephant and multiply that by the volume of the water to get the mass, then multiply that by the acceleration due to gravity in water system (SI, English Customary, etc.) you're using. Luckily, mammals are mostly water (humans are around 70% water on average), so about 2/3 of the weight of the elephant would be equivalent to the weight of the water displaced. So you would have to estimate how dense the rest of the elephant is (since it'd be minerals and such, I'd say it's more dense than water) and follow the steps described above.

Apply a known force to the elephant and measure the acceleration. Use physics to deduce the mass.

The final round of interview was challenging in terms of how you pick scenarios from your career.

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Come out with an algorithm for getting the column number provided the column name in a excel sheet and vice versa. Excel has a naming convention of A,B..Z,AA,AB,AC..ZZ,AAA... This had to be converted to the column numbers. A will be 1 and AA will 27.. Also the algorithm to find the name provided column number.

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Scan an integer and print the alphabet so that: 1-A; 2-B...26-Z; 27-AA,28-AB,29-AC...52-AZ; 53-AAA,54-AAB,55-AAC...78-AAZ...etc.. If you provide an integer, say 28-it should print AB. If you scan another integer say 55, it should show AAC

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write a program to print the given series (user need to enter the nth series number from keyboard) 2,3,5,11,23,29,41,53,83,89 .....n

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10 people can share a bucket of coins equally. A monkey steals one coin. The no of coins are one less than equal share. one person after the other tries to take the coin but monkey kills them(killing spree?? :-)). each time a person dies the no of coins are always one short of equal share. what were the no of coins originally?.

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Can't disclose the exact question because of NDA, but here's some food for thought: 3 can be written as 1+1+1, 1+2, 2+1 4 can be written as 1+1+1+1, 1+1+2, 2+2, 1+2+1, 2+1+1, 3+1, 1+3 Given an integer, how many possible expressions exist? (1+2 and 2+1 are different)

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How many rotations does earth make on its axis while going around the sun for one year.

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Only they need money no interview questions

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First round was online test which contains 75 aptitude,reasoning and english questions and 5 programs you have to execute either in c++ or java.Online test is conducted by deselect.this pattern is similar to the amcat pattern.

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