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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Back end software engineer


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round 1: Why coming to Berlin from India? Why Zalando? What do you know about Zalando? Salary expectations? Do you have any questions? round 2: Tell me about about a situation when there has been a conflict between you and your colleague, how you resolved it. Tell me about about a situation when there has been a conflict between two of your colleagues, they approached how you resolved it. How do you convince people to choose a technology? Tell me about about a situation when you went against odds / didn't listen to your manager. How you convince people to help you with technical issues. Tell me about about a situation which proves you are motivated to take up challenges and learn new technologies. How you choose a a particular technology/solution from among multiple technologies/solutions.

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They will be testing your interpersonal and motivational skills.

Could you please post the questions that were asked to you and the kind of concepts that were touched upon, as part of the last 3 hour interview round?

round 3 questions: reverse a string recursively. explain architecture of Cassandra (I worked on Cassandra in previous projects) explain consistency configuration in Cassandra.

Describe what you are looking for in your next position? What drew you to apply to Unu? Describe the internal development processes you have in your current position What are your salary expectations?

If you would have the choice between getting hired as a product owner and a project manager, what would you pick and why?

What do you think would you do at Yelp? What does your current working day is structured? A number of technical questions (how many byte in 64bit, largest number of int32, immutable python type out of list, tuple & dictionary, how do i find a function by name in a number of source-code files, what is the HTTP port, what is SSL, complexity of binary list item search...)

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