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Avada Audiology
Audiologist wurde gefragt...2. September 2015

Are you willing to telemarket to obtain leads.

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Yes....with no clue that was the bulk of the job


What I liked working with the nursing home population and how often I did work with them.

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I really did enjoy it and made it a point to go the the nursing homes, even though my job didn’t require it, to help out the patients and the staff become more comfortable with their hearing aids. Weniger


How much time do you need for a hearing needs assessment?

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1 hour

Tufts Medical Center

Why do you want to work here?

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Reputation of the hospital


What experience do you have of domiciliary working and how do you feel a pout solely working in a domiciliary environment?

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I have always enjoyed domiciliary working so I was able to explain why a domiciliary can be a real benefit for clients. Weniger

Matrix Providers

How would you proceed with the appointment if the network was down?

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Continue with documentation in a secure word document that can be entered when the network is operational. Weniger

Miracle Ear

Are you comfortable working with people, How long have you been in this type of job? Do you know how to use a computerized audiometer, are you comfortable fitting RIC hearing aids?

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Yes, very comfortable. I am an outgoing person, I have been working as an Audiologist for about 10 years, I have not used the computerized audiometer but I am willing to learn, Yes RIC hearing aids are a good choice and has a great range of fitting options. Weniger

Hearing Lab Technology

Tell me about yourself.

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This is a sales job. How do you feel about sales?


How many hearing aids do you typically sell in a year

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Between 300-400

Hearing Solutions

How will your coworkers rate you ?

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I answered that my colleagues would say...

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