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Wann mussten Sie sich mal aus Ihrer Komfortzone heraus bewegen? Warum fällt Ihnen erst jetzt (nach dem ersten Studienabschluss) auf, dass Ihnen Ihr Studienfach nicht gefällt, anstatt Ihr Hauptfach noch während des Studiums zu wechseln?

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Well we need to move out of our comfort zone everyday to achieve something. Are we all born intellectuals and cannot realize our true potential in things that we weren't doing earlier ? The only thing permanent in this universe is nothing but change; changing just a subject is very minuscule.

As someone constantly striving to learn and try new things, everyday something falls outside my comfort zone. For situation around my undergraduate degree; I have a strong commitment to finishing what I start. Part way through the course I found an area of focus that I preferred more than my current field and this is a key learning in itself. So I consciously chose to finish this course so maximise the current investment and then to review my options for potentially following up the more interesting studies once I had completed this one.

Was hat Sie während Ihrer Reise zu ABC am meisten überrascht?

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Which digital software experiences do you have to work for our company?

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How would working at McKinsey affect your marriage?

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Wie gehen Sie mit persönlichen Problemen innerhalb des Teams um?

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Wo sehen Sie sich in 10 Jahren?

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The case study starts in German, but one recruiter jumps in and would like to get answers in English.

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Rollentausch mit Consultant in BCG Real Life

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