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Fragen in Vorstellungsgesprächen für Architect


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Are you comfortable with Nearshore\Offshore and do you think you can handle teams across multiple continents/countries like Russia and Brasil.

give samples of your work related to the amazon leadership principals. (1) when did you make a mistake related to your previous decision. (2) when did you went into a risk situation and why? ...

1. About Salesforce - values, principles, markets, unique aspects 2. Salesforce products knowledge 3. Understanding of the role type questions 4. Examples from past experience 5. Why Salesforce? 6. Suitability to role? 7. Questions that aim to validate one's technical understanding of Salesforce products - even if conceptually 8. During the panel presentation of tech topic (since mine involved AI), specific questions like which algorithm would one use? 9. Panel presentation should be on a topic one is comfortable with - here's your chance to shine, but also present something you know well!

When did you do something good for company and you was punished for it?

How would you gain the trust of a customer right at the beginning even before you start working with him/her?

Several questions related to customer interaction. Very few technical questions. How would you explain to a customer that the decision he/she is taking is not a right one and convince him/her to choose a different option ?

How would the team structure / project organization look like if you are assigned to lead a project?

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