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Frage im Vorstellungsgespräch

Examiner-Vorstellungsgespräch München, Bayern

Would you stay with us for the next 30 years? We are

  looking for people who would stay with us a long time. Should not you have been flattered if your colleague make you unwanted romantic advances?

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I am very surprised to read this comment. I have been myself to an interview in the Hague lately, and was nothig like this. The board was very professional and friendly. They only asked questions about professional experiences.
Either recruiters are very different in Munich and The Hague, or this is a fake testimony just to discourage people from applying at the EPO...

simon am 08.11.2017

This is not a fake testimony. I can completely believe that the interview can vary from interviewer to interviewer. I am surprised that you question the truth in the testimony just because you had a different experience (maybe you are already working at the EPO and have interest in defending them?). The interview did not even happen in the same country and it definitely depends on the interviewing team and the interviewee...

Anonym am 08.11.2017

I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. How did you get the notification of the rejection? On the EPO website it is written that you are notified by mail. Any information is greatly appreciated. I am still waiting for the notification.

Marla am 09.11.2017

Hello Marla, I got a rejection quite quickly after the interview. They sent an email. I think it was nice that they did not let me wait for weeks before answering so that I could move on. Good luck!

Anonym am 09.11.2017

Thanks a lot for taking your time to answer questions!

Marla am 09.11.2017

No, this is not a fake testemony. I had the same experience and I can confirm it was exactly the same as described above

Anonym am 02.12.2017

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