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Aktualisiert am 8. Sep 2017

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Was sent an email about a video call which I should join. But the hr never sent me the link for the call. On the day of the interview I got a call on my mobile asking why I did not join. Then the video call did not work out, they chose to go with a software I had never heard about and the rest of the interview took place over telephone. I felt that the person did not take the time to even look at my CV, just called because she had to. Some basic questions about experience and why I wanted a change. Was told I will be given a coding exercise. Next week HR wrote back and said I would have a face to face interview. There was no mention of what this interview would contain. I went for the interview and found my 2 potential teammates. None of them had any information about me from the previous phone call I had and also no information about the emails I had had with the HR for I had written to them with some questions and had heard nothing back. The interview apparently was technical, was comprised of questions from the first Google search result. I was asked to write code on a piece of paper. I had already decided this job was not for me before they asked me the first question. I still asked them a few questions to see if the company is worth applying back with if not this team but did not find it to be so.

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