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Why do you want to work specifically at Estee Lauder?


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I worked at their distribution center in Bristol Pa. as a temp through the temp agency Manpower from February to October of the year 2015. I enjoyed my employment there but the agency called me in October and told me that my assignment was over. Therefore I was left unemployed. Fortunately I was able to find another job working for Walmart in Levittown pa. I would love to work there again, but I would not work there through another temp agency. If Estee Lauder was to hire me I would be more than proud to return to their facility. I would say that I was a reliable, trustworthy, a hard working individual, a team member, never tardy or absent (to the best of my recollection), always available to work on my days off and holidays. If Estee Lauder, themselves called me back I would accept their offer without hesitation!!!

Joseph scelza am 20.12.2018

I was once employed their for a short period and I know the facility well.

Joseph scelza am 20.12.2018

Because make-up is my whole life, I love making people feel good about themselves

Anonym am 15.05.2019

I love making people feel like they are their best no matter what the occasion is

Anonym am 15.05.2019

I would be great asset to your team , also i would learn a lot from team members who are more experienced.

Anonym am 06.10.2019

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