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Frage im Vorstellungsgespräch

FunctionalProgram-Vorstellungsgespräch Herzogenaurach

What was your biggest failure in life and how did you deal

  with it? Why have you earned the right to work for the Adidas Group?

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My answer would be: That is a good question. Let´s do it otherwise. What do you think enables Adidas to be a good employer? What would you think attracts a person with my skills most to work for Adidas?

Why have you earned the right to work for Adidas? am 10.09.2015

I don't see negative experiences as failure. Every experience that I have had and every goal I didn't achieve played a key role in my personal development. Failure helped me to become stronger, make better choices and become a better version of me.

Anonym am 25.09.2018

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