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QA - Game Tester-Vorstellungsgespräch Bengaluru (Indien)

What is your history of gaming and with Rockstar ?


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These are the rockstar games i have played over the years. (in chronological order)
1. GTA Vice city
2. Max Payne 2(most fun 3rd person shooter)
3. GTA San Andreas
4. GTA 1(very first of the series, top down 2d)
5. GTA 5
Still keep track of the other rockstar games through youtube gameplay videos.
For me GTA 5 is the best balance of refined gameplay, action, fun and great storyline a 3rd person shooter sandbox game can offer. This is one of the game which you can enjoy watching gameplay next to Max Payne 3.

Debasis Sahoo am 08.05.2018

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