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Aktualisiert am Nov 4, 2016

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Ich habe mich über eine Vermittlungsagentur beworben. Vorstellungsgespräch absolviert bei Tractebel (Köln)


The worst ever experience I have come across. This is the worst company to work for. I work in Germany and had gone for an interview discussion for possible work-profiles that they could have to suit my earlier several years of experience. Completely racist management. I was told by one of their Heads that they prefer taking 'German looking or European looking' people. I am brown skinned. Off-course, he meant that I don't 'look white' enough as he used the word 'looking'. He said that they have many customers in Asia and Africa and the customers like to interact with German/European 'looking' people during meetings and that is how they get most of their business and hence I should 'understand' their problem. He said that their clients from Asia and Africa don't understand who is a pure German and who is a European Non German and hence, they consider all European 'looking' people as Germans. They employ people non-European 'looking' people only and only if they have no other option. This tells a lot about the old thinking way in which the company is run and I doubt the future of such a company. If a company requires German 'looking' people to prove its worth infront of the clients, I can imagine the rest. My suggestion to the management would be - Please grow up and don't use such cheap and traditionally old strategies to get business from customers. It is sad to see a man at such a high position say that. There are better ways of getting business by means of best quality work, good soft skills and creating a good brand name. Management level people are supposed to be visionaries and set new trends (and Not be lame followers and follow some non-sense trends). Please stop calling yourself a 'International' Company hereafter. Even if your strategy might be getting business for you practically, it is NOT a good way to get business. All this while when the Head was saying all this to me, the HR was just standing nearby and watching the drama with a smile.

Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch
  • They asked me just some basic questions for namesake- Like what do i do in my current company, what have I done in my previous job etc.
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