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Aktualisiert am Jun 14, 2017

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Ich habe mich online beworben. Der Vorgang dauerte 6 Wochen. Vorstellungsgespräch absolviert bei Tractebel


Warning: Pays very little: 2500€ Gross = 1600€ net in BE (Seriously?). Even though the benefits list is rather large, it's more of a trick. As an MSc, i wouldn't bother. Overview: 1- 2 interviews with HRs 2- Interview with Seniors Specifics: Applied and was called back the very next day. 1- Set up the first interviews in the main offices in Belgium (Travel costs not paid by Engie; i live in the Netherlands so 80€ down the drain). That interview was divided into two parts: a- Background + Strength Based (This guy was really good at his job. One of the most relaxing and straightforward interviews i've been to) b- "Technical" (This guy is not so cheerful to talk to, but i think it was just a stress test thing. Just look confident.) After giving me the salary figure (see above) i was not at all interested, but i continued the procedure anyway as a back-up plan. 2- They wanted me to go to Belgium again for an interview with the seniors. I wasn't gonna waste another 80€ on this, so i asked if skype was possible and they agreed. Two seniors interviewed me. I think they tried to play a version of good cop, bad cop (Bad cop even went out of the room for a phone call as i was talking without excusing himself). I didn't really care because i knew the job was terrible, so i was winging it. It was again background + strengths + description of job duty (surprise: they were way above 2500€ pay grade). Anyway interview seemed to go well cause i even got the good cop to send me an email right after (10 min) telling me that the interview went well, that my profile is so strong, and that they will get back to me shortly. That was obviously a lie. I got called back almost 2 weeks later by the first HR guy (interview 1-a-) saying that all interviews were positive but, unfortunately, i had applied too late and they had already filled the position. That was obviously not the truth, but the guy was nice and i could sense him struggling so i just thanked him and said goodbye.

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