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Tell me about your typical workday


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My day starts with getting out of bed and doing a 1 mile walk then I shower and have breakfast and start looking for a job because right now I am not employed.

Anonym am 12.04.2019

Not working but I go out and submit my resumes to all I can and then in the middle of the day I sign in to post mates to pick up a
Few jobs to delivery

Anonym am 12.04.2019

If I had a job I would commit my day to my employer until it was ended

Anonym am 12.04.2019

My typical workday starts with me getting to work on time. I do my opening procedures then I set up my station, ready to start the day. I begin to take customers when we open the store, smiling, greeting, and thanking all the way through. My day typically ends with making sure my station is cleaned, my work is put away, and my cash is balanced. I say goodbye to my coworkers and then I go home.

Anonym am 26.04.2019

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