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Aktualisiert am 7. Nov 2014

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Ich habe mich über eine Vermittlungsagentur beworben. Vorstellungsgespräch absolviert bei Shell Energy Retail (Warwick, West Midlands, England)


After initial application, I was invited to an assessment centre, which consisted of a group task, numeracy and literacy text, a test where I had identify what process I would go through to resolved different scenario's and face to face competence interview.. Everything went well, execpt to the face to face interview, in which my interviewer seemed like he wasn't bothered with what I was saying, he was slouching, yawning, and did not make any notes, he literally wrote one word in the whole interview... Gave him an example of a difficult situation and he gave of the impression, that I had gave the wrong example,, he asked for a difficult customer and that's what I gave him. I answered all the questions exactly the same as I had with other interviews and got really good feedback and job offers. He was not friendly at all, I tried to make conversation, and be friendly but he was again not bothered. Before the interview a few people who had been interviewed by him before me, told me that he is a nice and friendly person, they all said he asked them the same questions and very attentive. However when it was my chance, there was one question that everyone seemed to have had but me. Bearing in mind the other candidates where white British or had their assest's (to put it nicely) on show. I'm niether White or like to show myself off in that sense. I didn't get a job offer because of the face to face interview, they felt it was lacking, could that be the question he didn't ask? Or the fact that he didn't make any notes at all throughout and was only there to help with the interviews and not actually make decisions. So how they come to that conclusion is a mystery to me. Discrimination in the workplace at its best!!

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  • Explain a difficult customer situation and how you resolved it.
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