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Aktualisiert am 22. Sep 2009

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Ich habe mich auf Empfehlung eines Mitarbeiters beworben Der Vorgang dauerte 3 Monate. Vorstellungsgespräch absolviert im Sep 2009 bei Schreiber Foods


After applying, there was consistent checking back with them. After about three weeks I was invited to come in for a short logic or intelligence test. It was a computerized test, and I was told that most people don't finish it. Thats also the case with me. I went through the questions pretty quickly, but didn't fininsh. After a couple more weeks of checking in with them, I was invited to come in for an interview. I met with three different managers seperately for about 30 minutes each. A lot of the same types of questions. ie: 'tell me about a time that...... and how you handled it.....'. Then I was invited to come back and take a tour of the facility. That was extensive. About an hour and a half, seeing the entire facility. I was glad to see that most everyone I saw looked happy, and seemed very friendly. After being told about the positions and the hours, I was told that I may hear from them the next week. Sure enough, I got a call, and they extended me a job offer over the telephone contingent on a clean background and drug test. I then went in to the plant to sign some papers, and off to the pre-employment drug screening. Orientation in 3 days long.

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  • Tell me about a time that you didn't get along with a co-worker, and how you handled it
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