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Aktualisiert am 3. Jun 2019

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Ich habe mich über einen Personalvermittler beworben. Der Vorgang dauerte mehr als 2 Monate. Vorstellungsgespräch absolviert im Feb 2019 bei SThree (Singapur)


A headhunter from the Sthree sister company has recruited me, and i went through the interview process successfully and was offered a contract which I have accepted. After I signed the contract is where Sthree comes in because they were the ones who processed my EP application with the Singapore government. For a company who is in the recruitment business, I am very disappointed that they entered incorrect data in my application which by the way, takes at least a month to process, and the result of it being rejected by MOM due to missing supporting documents from this agency. They re-appealed, which took at least another month, only to be rejected again but this time no reason given by MOM. Due to this, they no longer continued with my application. I asked how they applied it, and the manager told me he wasnt involved in the process and to ask the lady that did. So i asked the lady and she said she will check the next day. Next day i follow up, and then the manager calls me again asking why am i asking since its a closed case already. I told him he said i could ask the lady and so i did, but he answered that he wants his resources to focus on active applications. I understand that they are a business (like what he said), but maybe if he stops contradicting himself and just tells me directly what they can or cannot do, then i wouldnt have wasted my time either. This was a very upsetting experience because i trusted that they knew what they were doing, and if the agency hadn’t made that first mistake, then we would probably had time to research how to re-appeal the case better. I felt like i was a guinea pig to the person who applied for my EP. I also felt that they have no sense of urgency in regards to handling applications. They probably just dont care, and all applications are basically just paperwork to them.

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