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SQL Features of SQL 2016 Triggers Joins-Inner,Outer,Left

  Outer,Cross delete vs truncate Ranks Dense Stored procedure and functions Identity, Scope_Identity Primary and unique key (how many we can have) Clustered and Non-clustered working in temp tables local and global varibales Union and Union all removing duplicates in a table CTE-advantages table varibales pivot tables creating temp tables

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 Features of SQL 2016

 Joins-Inner,Outer,Left Outer,Cross
 delete vs truncate
 Stored procedure and functions
 Primary and unique key (how many we can have)
 Clustered and Non-clustered
 working in temp tables
 local and global varibales
 Union and Union all
 removing duplicates in a table
 table varibales
 pivot tables
 creating temp tables

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