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Aktualisiert am Jun 19, 2019

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I applied online. They responded within a week, inviting me to take a face-to-camera interview. I had to record answers to questions on the screen, using my webcam. Questions regarded my experience with their games and C++. They were rather easy, so answering them shouldn't be a problem, although the preparation time you get should be enough to find some tips on the Internet. The following week I had a phone call regarding my background and goals. After that I was sent a Codility test, consisting of 3 tasks. They were quite challenging, at least if you aimed for high performance score, which you probably should. The next step would be an interview with team members, but the position had been closed before I got there. My overall impression was rather positive. They responded pretty fast and the person I spoke with was very nice. My only complaint is that I wasn't informed when they closed the position. Instead I had to check the application's status via Jobvite myself. An automated message would be nice.

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  • Virtual functions in C++.
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