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Data Scientist-Vorstellungsgespräch Berlin

Question 5: (20>50 minutes) (suggest you read the whole

  question before starting on it) SITO elevators have a system to simulate different elevator control mechanisms in their buildings. Let us assume a building has M elevators and N floors. You are in charge of measuring the performance of different elevator control mechanisms and so will need to design the data model to capture observed data and the measurements you would calculate on that data model. Assume a typical simulation run proceeds over a 24 hour period and you are allowed to observe as much as you like (when/where each elevator is, how many passengers, where the passengers are, when/where they arrive/depart, etc – if in doubt assume you can observe it). From your detailed data model you will then need (with very simple calculations) to determine various performance measures, for example: • Average waiting time per passenger • Average journey time per passenger • ... etc Q 5.1: List the different stakeholders who would be interested in elevator performance (a “stakeholder” is any person or group who have an interest in or may be affected by some aspect of elevator performance). Q 5.2: List other performance measures that it would be useful or important to measure – make sure these cover all of the stakeholders. (Hint: there are lots and lots of these. Aim for 10 or more...). Q 5.3: What would a suitable data representation look like? Please design a series of tables (as would be suitable to put in a database or spreadsheet). Make sure that the data representation (with very simple arithmetic calculations) is adequate to calculate the above measures, and any other measures that you deem important (and that those calculations are fairly easy and unambiguous). Please point out any problems you might expect to arise with your data model. Q 5.4: For “Average waiting time per passenger” and at least 2 other performance measures, describe how they can be easily calculated from your data model. Preferably write the SQL code you would use to calculate the waiting and journey times.

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