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Frage im Vorstellungsgespräch

Data Scientist-Vorstellungsgespräch Berlin

Question 1. (5-20 minutes) A cube is painted Green on all

  six sides. It is divided into 125 (=5 x 5 x 5) equal smaller cubes. Find: 1.1 The number of smaller cubes having a) 3 faces coloured? b) Exactly 2 faces coloured? c) Exactly 1 face coloured? d) 0 faces coloured? 1.2 All 125 cubes are put into a bag. If a single cube is selected at random from the bag, find probability of picking a cube having 1 or more Green faces 1.3 What is the average number of Green faces on a cube? In the above situation N=5, (with N^3 =125). 1.4 For general N, give a formula for the number of smaller cubes with exactly 2 faces coloured 1.5 For what values of N is this formula correct?

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