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Aktualisiert am Aug 16, 2016

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I had a call a few days after I submitted my application for this role. I never heard from them again until a month later. My guess is they couldn't find their ideal candidate and had to resort to going through the not-so-ideal pile. I received the second call on a public holiday, and wasn't very keen about it anymore but I went for the interview anyway. The person on the line asked about a portfolio, to which I replied that I don't have one. On the day of the interview, I arrived 15-20 minutes early at the office. Was told previously on the phone that I will be interviewed by two people, but there was only one present during my interview, who did not even prepare my resume. He basically sat me at the pantry table, empty-handed. Don't recall if I was asked any questions because it started with the interviewer telling me what the company is actually looking for in the candidate. Then he requested for a portfolio, a second time. To which I replied with the same response, no portfolio, but I do have one that's not related to the role I was interviewing for. He declined to look at it. Needless to say, the entire experience from the moment I set foot through the door until I set foot out again took only 15 minutes. I ended exactly at 2pm, which is the time of my appointment. Felt that it was too short, especially when I took almost 1h20mins to get there. Other things I noted while I was there: When I walked through the door, the employees were crowding near the entrance. They stared right at me when I made my way up the stairs. I was told to wait at the sofa, so I did. In the middle of the narrow aisle, was an electric scooter that was carelessly left unattended by one of the employees. It's like an accident waiting to happen. The office is really really small. As a result, I could hear them talking about me from the sofa area. The clothes do not define you (they were wearing casual), but your behaviour does. It indirectly reflects badly on the company, whether you did it by accident or not. That kinda threw me off, and I lost whatever interest (and respect) I had left for the role and the company.

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