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Fragen in Vorstellungsgesprächen bei QuadraMed für Sales

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Der Vorgang dauerte mehr als 4 Wochen. Vorstellungsgespräch absolviert im Juli 2010 bei QuadraMed.


Initial email from HR expressing interest for a position with company and setting up phone interview with reporting manager. Phone interview with manager, following day later. Manager provided short description of position. With only thirty minutes allocated for call, was told my questions regarding position and company would be covered during onsite interview. Onsite interview followed three weeks later. First interview was with reporting manager, who was not the manager I spoke with on phone interview. Company changed management structure two weeks prior and this was never communicated to me. Manager provided description of position and company structure. He was unable to answer many of the questions I posed regarding the position, indicating company still making modifications to territory and job compensation structure. He made many commitments, pursuant to my questions regarding position. Second person I interviewed with was VP Sales/Marketing (whom my manager reports to). He was recently hired. He was also unable to answer many of the questions I posed regarding the company structure or position, indicating company going through modifications. Upon exiting my perception was both managers had no industry background or ability to represent themselves as "knowing the customer". I had doubts, as it's rather difficult to hold a management position without knowledge in your target market. I should have gone with my gut, but based on their commitments shared regarding company solutions direction, I felt this was still a viable opportunity. I also felt there could be a communication problem with this company, as it should have really been communicated to me that I would be interviewing with a different reporting manager. Particularly when I posed this question and his response was "they should have communicated this to you prior". That should have been a reg flag right there regarding accountability issues. Third interview was a follow up phone call with reporting manager. I emailed a list of questions three days prior to provide him in preparation for streamlining call. He committed to all of my requests regarding position, both verbally and in writing, via email. I also requested scheduling a call with a couple employees to speak with regarding position and company. Manager committed to scheduling but never followed through. Pursuant to call, HR contacted me following day indicating an offer would be sent, via email, along with other required documents to complete for background and reference check. Following week, job offer was emailed to me. My advice to other interview candidates. #1, Regarding this company, don't pursue them, regardless of how great the position sounds. #2, If you have concerns during the interview process and it doesn't feel right, go with your gut and move onto another company and job opportunity. #3, Do an extensive background check on company. Speak with a couple current and former employees. I think that is the best way you'll get a feel if the company is worth pursuing or not.

Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch

  • You worked for a larger company than ours that has more marketing budget. We don't. What makes you think you can sell without that support.   1 Antwort


I was able to negotiate an increase in salary but not commission structure. Advice I would give others, do your homework. If the company bases their compensation on where the company is based and they require you work remote from another state/city, calculate the cost of living comparison.

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