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Aktualisiert am Nov 9, 2021

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1. First call of 30min with a recruiter, to discuss about your experiences and how the Pepper works in general 2. The tech call with the team lead and 2 other developers. The team will make you comfortable, the goal is to understand your technical skills. Really interesting, took nearly 2 hours 3. You may have a technical test to do, but maybe you will move on directly to the next step 4. Last step, a call with the CTO and the Head of Mobile Development, to make sure you fit well with the team. Unlike what they will tell you at the start of this call, this step isn't the easiest one but most likely the hardest. The call can last up to 1 hour

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  • Typical job interviews questions, but here are some notables ones : - What is the thing that you are the most proud of in your previous experiences ? - Have you ever made one big mistake in your previous experiences ? What did you learn from it ? - Are you okay with having less responsibilities than in your current job ?
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