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Baystate Health has a great reputation in the area and seems to be a dedicated and growing entity. After dealing with the HR/recruiting, I question a few things about the professionalism.

To the leadership: Please evaluate your recruiters via some type of undercover boss role or other avenue. The recruiters should be professional, thorough and have descriptive and detailed questions to ask candidates. The interview isn't a time to fluff and joke. They are the face of your organization to prospective employees and employers who might send candidates your way.

The recruiter I dealt with left message after message for me but was apparently never at her desk ( I always got voice mail) and, she did not reply to my voice mail asking for a specific time we could talk, or for her email so we could coordinate a call via email since I work FT, I can't always answer my cell. Anyway, rather than respond to my requests, the recruiter would just leave another voice mail asking me to call her. It was ridiculous .After five days of phone tag, I called the main number, spoke to another HR rep who said the recruiter was 'out.' Then: *click* ended the call.

When we finally caught up to each other, I felt the recruiter wasn't taking the process seriously, had no facts about the job, more like a cursory 'I was told to get you in for an interiew so let me ask about salary and why you are looking to leave your current role' type approach. She also made a few 'jokes' about never returning calls. Yet she had no answers to anything I asked about the role.

The recuiter said she would set up an interview so my questions could be addressed but I never heard from her again.

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