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Director-Vorstellungsgespräch Calgary, AB (Kanada)

My business unit is works with many small/mid sized

  businesses that are entrepeneurial in nature. During the interview, I was asked what my strategy was to bring a new product to market. I had previously owned a small business but I hadn't created the product/solution (it was a car wholesaling/retailing business). I was stumped (at first) as I don't think I had 'created' the product/solution in the car business.

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When I gave the question further thought, I realized that within the car business, we had 'created' a differentiating solution for car wholesale/retail that set us apart from our competitors. I explained how we created our differentiating solution and how we marketed it to the community to drive our sales and success in the business.

Bewerber im Vorstellungsgespräch am 16.04.2014

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