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Candidate-Vorstellungsgespräch New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika)

How would you handle a middle school student who is

  inattentive and at times disruptive in class?

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when a child becomes disruptive. your job as teacher is to give them an assignment of responsibility. they become the teachers helper to keep order. you have to be very clear with them about what their responsibilities are in the classroom in order for everyone to benefit from the class and they play the greatest role. the help their fellow students instead of disrupting their fellow students. your job as teacher will be to keep an extra eye on that student and then have a short chat after classes to find out why they were so unhappy at the beginning of class and come up with a way to handle them next time it occurs. Give them the chance to correct themselves first. dont judge. Be patient.

Danielle Ramos am 29.03.2019

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