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How do you deal with ambiguous situations? What do you do

  when you don't know the answer to something?

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It is safe to assume that no one knows everything. Every client understands that. We should always acknowledge the question / issue and say that you will be getting back to you on this topic. But remember that this is not an excuse ..and we can't say this every time ..people will lose confidence on you.

Andy T am 15.01.2016

Regarding dealing with ambiguous situation, there is no one possible answer depends on the situation. You need to take a pause and analyze why it is becoming ambiguous it to hard to understand for the concerned members, is it too big and members are overwhelmed, is there lack of information / gap .. all the dots are not matching ... based on this analysis the treatment would be different - if it too hard ..we need involvement of experts on that topic ..if it is too big ...break it down in smaller chunks ... lack of information requires more research.
It is impossible to plan upfront for each ambiguous situation.....most of the time it is a combination of many issues ... but effective analysis and follow up action items will eventually take us out of that situation.

Andy T am 15.01.2016


Anonym am 02.07.2019

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