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Here are some of the questions. 1. A company has

  10 machines that produce gold coins. One of the machines is producing coins that are a gram light. How do you tell which machine is making the defective coins with only one weighing? 2. Another one was the classic river crossing puzzle. Four people need to cross a river, and they take 1, 2, 5, and 10 minutes. They have only one torch and need the torch to cross the river. What is the minimum time to get all of them across to the other side? 3. You have two hourglasses. The first one times exactly 7 minutes; the other times exactly 11 minutes. Using just these two hourglasses and nothing else, how would you accurately time 15 minutes? There were a few questions on SQL, mainly asking to explain joins and give examples. Also a few questions on basic concepts of regression.

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1. Mark machines with names 1-10. Take coins from each equal to thier name.
weigh them , it will be less than 55{(1+2+3...10)= 55}. if its 54, then machine 1 is defective, if its 53 then machine 2....and so on.

2.A(1), B(2), C(5), D(10)
A & B ------> 2min(2min)
                2mins(17 min)

Anonym am 24.06.2015

Question 3:

Label the 7-minute hourglass 'A'; the 11-minute hourglass 'B'. Use sand to measure minutes.

1.) Flip both at the same time, so that they are "counting down." after 7 minutes at t=7, there will be 0 in the top of hourglass A, and 4 in the top of hourglass B. (A: 7-7=0, B: 11-7 = 4)

2.) Flip hourglass A right away. After another 4 minutes, you are at t=11. There will be 3 minutes left in the top of hourglass A, 4 in the bottom of hourglass A, and the top of B will be empty. (A: 7-4=3, B: 4-4=0)

3.) Flip hourglass A again, so that the 4 minutes of sand that were in the bottom at t=11 are now at the top. After 4 minutes have passed, your are at t=15. 15 minutes will have passed when the top of hourglass A is empty.

Anonymous am 27.06.2018

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