Fragen in Vorstellungsgesprächen bei G4S für Section Manager |

Fragen in Vorstellungsgesprächen bei G4S für Section Manager

Vorstellungsgespräche bei G4S

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Einladung zum Vorstellungsgespräch





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Section Manager-Vorstellungsgespräch

Anonymer Mitarbeiter in Edinburgh, Schottland (Vereinigtes Königreich)
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Ich habe mich online beworben. Der Vorgang dauerte mehr als 4 Wochen. Vorstellungsgespräch absolviert bei G4S (Edinburgh, Schottland (Vereinigtes Königreich)).


The initial application is pretty long winded but make sure that you fill everything to the T as the details you use on the application will be the details they use to do your reff and background check. My application took about 3 weeks to be processed but I was lucky enough to secure a second stage interview.

At the second stage it was an assessment day which involved a short PowerPoint presentation on a subject that you will be email beforehand followed by a team exercise then to finish off a panel interview.
The presentation is self-explanatory there is no need to make up a 10-15 slide presentation as long as yours covers all the points they are looking for in the brief then you will be fine.
The team building exercise is a generic one which tests your team working capability.
The interview is competency based and all candidates get the same questions due to there being internal candidates amongst the assessment day. The questions are pretty easy if you know about the company and have done competency based before.

It is a long day, expect to be there for about 3-4 hours lunch was provided which was a very good touch as I was starving....

All in all a pretty tough process with allot of competition, you will need to be confident within the interview and present well.

Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch

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The screening process takes a while as they have to do a 5 year check on your background.

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