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Vorstellungsgespräch für eine Beschäftigung als Senior Backend Developer

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Directly code challenge as HOME thinks they are above candidates and don't want to waste their time by talking to candidate first.


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We’d like to take this as an opportunity to clarify a few aspects written in this feedback. We think this can be of great help for future candidates. Firstly, yes it’s true, we do case studies in most of our interview processes. It is also true that in this case the code review feedback took 12 days. And yes, the total time from first contact to last call was 25 days, the last contact being on Friday 22nd May. In this call the hiring team and the candidate spent time together exploring the decline ending on a high note as thanks for the extra time taken to talk the experience through. Secondly, the decision not to continue the process was based on our team’s assessment of the quality of the case study not meeting our internal standards. This code challenge had previously been successfully completed by other candidates. Thirdly, it’s true that we take our time to carefully select the right candidates to join our team. Growing an empowering work culture with mission driven team members is extremely important to us. That us way we’ve designed a 3-4 step process which can take several weeks and only successful candidates qualify to the next round. We encourage all candidates to share their experience with us, in both good and bad, on platforms like Glassdoor. We support and respect all feedback as valuable places to grow from. From our side, we can just say we will continue working on improving our communication and process for the future - the path to greatness is never done! We also encourage you to step forward if you have more questions regarding this. Our door is always open. Thank you for taking the time to read our reply.

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Dodged a bullet there, thanks OP. Given your post and the sour response from the team this place should apparently be avoided.

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