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The position was a Data Science Internship at Coupons. The process consisted of an initial phone screen which was pretty straightforward. There were no questions asked except for the preliminary salary expectations and explaining the process to follow. A week and a half later it was followed up with a technical interview with one of the senior data scientists at the firm. The technical interview was pretty simple with some brain teasers and probability based questions. There was also a small dataset that was given to provide some insight or findings using R, SAS or excel. Then a week later the onsite interview happened at Mason. It was a pretty good experience talking to 3 members of the strategy team at Mason. There was nothing much technical in this round, it was just about deciphering the fit to the team. The bad thing about this process was the recruiters' involvement in the process. They took an exorbitant amount of time to communicate things to the candidates involved. Sometimes they did not even bother to communicate results. Often people had to call them twice or thrice to get to know their results. They did not care to give formal feedback to candidates who were not selected, sometimes even when they had told that they would send a detailed feedback mail to the candidates not selected. They seemed to lack professionalism even while handling a very small pool of candidates - around 8 people totally for filling 2 positions. The process would have been much better if the recruiters had been much more involved with the candidates. The overall experience was bad because of only this factor.

Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch

  • If there is a probability distribution function in the shape of a boat and it were sampled a large number of times, what would be the resulting distribution look like? And why?   Frage beantworten
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