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Aktualisiert am 16. Dez 2014

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Ich habe mich auf anderem Weg beworben. Der Vorgang dauerte 2 Wochen. Vorstellungsgespräch absolviert im Aug 2014 bei AIDS Healthcare Foundation (Fort Lauderdale, FL)


I was working at a good job, earning over $50k/yr when this company, with the word "compassionate" in its company motto called me about a re'sum'e I had sent them a few months earlier. I explained I was already employed and they asked me if I was open to the great opportunity they were offering. It sounded good, an AIDS advocacy group, fighting the good fight for AIDS patients, great pay, benefits, weekday schedule, etc., etc.. It was a Wednesday and I told them I wanted to give 2 weeks notice to my present employer but he said they NEEDED me to start the next week. I gave 3 days notice and started the next week. They sat me in a chair and ignored me for a week. After a week I finally got a telephone extension. In fact, over the 10 weeks I was with this company I had a TOTAL of approximately 30 minutes interaction with my direct supervisor. I was asked to remove some network equipment (router, switches, WAPs etc.) out of their "old" HQ down the road. I did that. Then I was given a couple of assignments they had gotten behind on. I did that. Then, the week my benefits kicked in they "severed employment" with me. Wouldn't even tell me WHY. The person who hired me would not even look me in the eye as he walked me out. In short: This company headhunted me away from a better job, worked me until I got them all caught up on overdue projects, then laid me off, telling me "no reason was given", that it was "a corporate decision" and walked me out. Yeah, good luck with this company.

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  • The interview was a breeze. They were headhunting me, after all.
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