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Associate-Vorstellungsgespräch San Jose, CA (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika)

A puzzle question on how to identify poisoned bottle of

  wine among 1000 bottles

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It might have more quantity compared to other bottles, as the wine is mixed with poison.

sandeep pulavarthy am 01.08.2013

I Think that it might be identified by its colour.

ANISA am 10.07.2018

Take a rat and make it sip the wine from all 1000 bottles in intervals of 10 mins,if you know in how much time the poison has its can calculate which bottle was it

Anonym am 05.08.2018

The one with an open seal

Anonym am 11.08.2018

10 rats will be needed to identify poisoned bottle.

Anonym am 05.09.2018

Through binary possible combinations..

Anonym am 29.04.2019

We find out the poisoned bottle of wine among the 1000 bottles first we have to taken the binary series of base value 10 and 2 . 10 rats are taken and 1 to 100 bottles wine one drop to 1 rat for all the base value of 10's of 1000 bottles to one drop given the 10 rats and binary values of 2's all the 10 rats given among the 1000 values and to stop after 1 hour to identity which rat drink the poison wine and then immediately that rat will be died condition and so we can easily identified the poison bottle among the 1000 bottles

Anonym am 24.06.2019

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