Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch bei flydubai: -Talk about yourself and your... |

Frage im Vorstellungsgespräch

Cabin Crew-Vorstellungsgespräch

-Talk about yourself and your previous work experience -Why

  do you want to join Flydubai? -What does it mean "Excellent customer service" for you? -Anything else you would like to add to support your application.

Antwort im Vorstellungsgespräch

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Hi- I just finished my online assesment yesterday I got to see my results when I was finished but it did not say what to do with the results. It just said thank you, you have successfully completed all of your tasks and only option was "close window" so I did. What do I do now? I cannot seem to find my application on my account to track the status of it which I find weird. Can you tell me how long it took you to get a response?

Nickieta Hamilton am 25.06.2017

Have they responded in regards to video interview?

@nickietahamilton am 29.06.2017

Hi. I'm wondering if you receive any email after you finish your video interview? Any call received recently?

Anonym am 05.07.2017

I received an email that they did successfully received my online video interview and 4days later they called to schedule a face to face interview

Anonym am 28.08.2017

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