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Product Manager Online Game-Vorstellungsgespräch Berlin

“Imagine you’re taking the management of a Hostel in

  Berlin. What would you do to double your revenue in 3 months?”.

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Being as an Hostel Manager is clearly an analogy of being a Product Manager of the free-to-play games Aria games is offering. The focus here is not on numbers or statistics (but it’s the focus of the next question), but more on what kind of strategy you would use to increase the revenue of the hostel. There are probably a lot of good answers, and without detailing what I exactly said, I focused on that 3 main ways supposed to help you increase your revenue: Increase the number of customers, increase the average size of the sale per customer and increase the number of times your customers return and buy again.

Bewerber im Vorstellungsgespräch am 27.04.2015

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