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-Can a class be final? - Difference between Application

  context and bean factory?

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Class can be final (if you dont want a class to be extended, make it final).

bean factory is the core of spring container. no body uses it nowadays- lol.

Application context is an extension to the bean factory. you can do pretty much everything with it. he he

Anonym am 03.10.2016

Yes class can be final

1.Both beanfactory and application context gets bean by calling getBean() method

2.Bean factory object will be created on first user request known as lazy container. In application context object will be created on the time of loading application context.XML file
Known as early container

3.Bean factory doesn't support internationalization but application context supports.

Anonym am 07.06.2018

Wondering if anyone tried using Rooftop Slushie? Seems like you can ask questions and get answers from HCL Technologies employees.

Anonym am 11.07.2019

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