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Ehem. Mitarbeiter - Senior Brand Manager

Ich habe für mehr als 3 Jahre bei WellPet gearbeitet (Vollzeit)


Quality – I never worried about the quality of our products or commitment to maintaining high quality standards, this was a product I could be proud to recommend Ownership – The company’s... ownership is financially stable, highly engaged, and committed to maintaining the business over the long term Company Size – As a smaller firm, depending on your role, you can have regular access to senior leadership and engage directly with cross-functional stakeholders in a meaningful way. You will also have the opportunity (and expectation) to step up and own projects as well as to work on things outside the scope of your assigned role Leadership Team – They are visible (usually) in the office and engaged in the day-to-day running of the business. Their varied backgrounds create learning opportunities for younger staff members to gain from their experience Work/Life Balance – Most departments are flexible and allow their teams to balance priorities both at and outside of work Product Category – The pet industry is an incredibly dynamic and competitive product category making for an interesting and hefty set of challenges and opportunities to tackle Company Culture – Coworkers are largely friendly, welcoming, and helpful and the day-to-day environment is pleasant if not fast paced. The office manager does a great job holding different events/parties throughout the year to build cohesion and community.


Ownership – Their business model treats operating companies as more of an annuity, meaning there is limited flexibility to invest in marketing and branding to drive sales. There is an expectation... that privately held companies can be nimble and think long term, however, I found that not to be the case here primarily due to the ownership. Company Size – While the organization has ‘staffed up’ in certain areas it remains dramatically under resourced across most major functional areas meaning everyone wears multiple hats. In my experience this also means there is a dearth of subject matter experts and a lot of skills must be self-taught or gained through outside education Leadership Team – Has undergone significant change in the last few years and while the newer members add significant value the group still struggles to manage the complexity of the current business. There is also a lack of effective, consistent, and cohesive communication from the leadership team to the rest of the organization leading to a lot of confusion on direction and priorities. Product Category – While pet is still a dynamic and growing industry the channels where WellPet competes are experiencing tectonic change as ecom and mass retailers eat into their traditional pet specialty areas of strength. With new or increased competition from the likes of General Mills, JM Smucker, Mars Petcare and a host of smaller independent brands the struggle to maintain/grow shelf space continues to get harder Marketing – The company has a portfolio of 6 brands but really only invests behind the flagship Wellness brand leaving the rest of the portfolio with very limited investment. They have under invested across the portfolio for years in media, insights, consumer acquisition, and retail marketing meaning the brands continue to struggle for awareness against key competitors. Career Mobility – WellPet is a very flat organization so if you are looking for upward mobility or title growth there is not a lot to be had here. You will definitely have the opportunity, if desired, to take on new projects and grow your skill set within your role but in an organization this size that will likely be the primary source of career growth. Company Culture – There are still some vestiges of the friendly familial culture WellPet was known for, but with high turnover and changes in executive leadership I felt like that changed over time. The home office has become much more of a ‘do your work and go home’ culture. They hold events and activities in the office but I found them lightly attended except by certain groups. Additionally, while they are working diligently to build a culture of accountability the company still lacks any broadly held expectations for accountability/responsibility of teams or individuals. Location – The office is in a very nice area with a pond and great views, however, there is very little else around it of interest. The location is somewhat rural and not very convenient to Boston, and there are limited options for lunch locally. Additionally, the cafeteria in the building has very limited options you’ll get tired of very quickly

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Figure out what you want to be when you grow up

„Quality”2. Feb 2018

Ehem. Mitarbeiter - Quality

Ich habe bei Foliage gearbeitet (Vollzeit)


I can't think of any. Sorry.


They give the perception of quality but don't actually have anything substantial. Have to go outside company to buy lunch. Don't ask for anything ergonomic as they will deny and shame the person... requesting. Double check you contract as they elude to benefits which are kinda fake.

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A 2% Bonus is not a bonus, and consider spending some money on your employees which aren't super cheap.