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Ehem. Mitarbeiter - Anonymer Mitarbeiter

Ich habe für mehr als 5 Jahre bei Telerik gearbeitet (Vollzeit)


Attempted to be a "hip place" to work with a game room, free lunches, and happy hour once a week. Great healthcare benefits. All other benefits were pretty standard for the industry.


When I first started at the US office, it was a small niche group of people that truly wanted to succeed. Within 2 years, that all changed. Numerous times I witness hard working employees walked out... by HR without a single negative review or constructive feedback. The turn over was monumental. HR had no idea what type of individual would be a good fit and hired anyone that applied. Most new hires never made it past the introductory period. Once the staff had more than quadrupled in size, office management lost control. Communication broke down, and if you were caught in the cross-fires you were screwed. Some departments were able to stabilize, but with many offices scattered across the globe, it was virtually impossible. HR and upper management held onto their favorites, paid them structured bonuses, offered flexible working hours, remote capabilities and countless other perks. Any complaint was left on deaf ears or put a target on your back for the next round of layoffs. Others who had earned, or requested more, were fired or forced out. Countless directors were hired to try and stabilize the working environment, but every single one came in with guns blazing and left within 6 months. After 5 years, and zero opportunity for growth or professional advancement, it was time to move on. I turned in my resignation letter, finished or redistributed my workload, and informed my coworkers of my planned departure. On my last day I received zero guidance from my direct supervisor, their supervisor, office management or HR. To cover myself I asked a manager from another department to witness me turning in my laptop, key card and to walk me out. There was great potential. But they would not hand the reigns over to Progress. In return, they lost several valuable employees.

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Find managers that know how to manage or train internally. Support your employees equally across the board.

Ehem. Mitarbeiter - Account Executive

Ich habe weniger als ein Jahr bei Ping Identity gearbeitet (Vollzeit)


I worked at Ping for a very short period of 2 to 3 months out of Frankfurt and resigned due to private circumstances. What really stood out for me was the management at Ping in EMEA is really... supportive and genuinely cares about you as a person. I received full support on and off the job to carry out my duties. I was supported extremely well to accommodate personal circumstances. ( I was moving back from the UK to Germany). Ping helped me in so many things that most other employers would never do. Especially my manager was very supportive. You are given a week of training in Denver to understand the Ping solution and the ideal customer use cases. I felt that training really helped me a lot. Ping does not have a large team in the DACH region, so meetings amongst colleagues can usually happen in the London office. This is not a major drawback, but it would have been great to have some location in Germany too. In fairness, Ping did pay for a Regus Gold card if you asked for it.


Personally I did not like the hiring process because the agency that Ping had hired was very pushy and one certain occasions simply unprofessional. As a result I also could not freely negotiate my... compensation. I get why an agency is needed, but in this case it was really a bad experience.

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