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Brandwatch CEO Giles Palmer
82%Giles Palmer
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„Free food”(in 44 Bewertungen)
„Work life balance”(in 30 Bewertungen)
„Work life balance”(in 18 Bewertungen)
„Brighton”(in 10 Bewertungen)
„Work life balance”(in 59 Bewertungen)
„24 7”(in 20 Bewertungen)
„Brighton”(in 10 Bewertungen)
„Growing pains”(in 6 Bewertungen)
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Ehem. Mitarbeiter - Anonymer Mitarbeiter

Ich habe bei Sprinklr gearbeitet (Vollzeit)


If you had asked me a few years ago - I could have listed a bucket load. Today - its the people that are still there trying to make sure that the company sticks to its core values. The values of... the majority of people in the company are spot on and you will make friends for life.


I have read a lot on here about specific people, and therefore i will keep this general. 1. You will work hard (harder than you ever have done in your life) 2. You wont have a career plan and... will never break into management 3. You will feel like a very small cog - even though to your clients - you are the most important person working with them. 4. You will feel tired all the time as you cant change anything

Rat an das Management

1. Stop changing the direction of the product. Keep it simple, keep in un-complicated, keep it stable and look at what all customers want, not what some customers demand. 2. Clear out the... management in every region - it is toxic. The problem with management is not that they are horrid or don't mean well. They simply do not know the product anymore. Some are micro-managers, some have no idea about the product, some used to know but now have been left behind. There is a wave of amazing people who support the management teams and they are left frustrated as unless you are 'friends' with someone in the higher management, you will never progress. 3. Stop telling everyone that everything is going well. Everyone at the company knows that the company is not meeting its goals. Why then do we continue to celebrate every chance we get? Why not knuckle down and do what we do best - Fix things. It makes management look even more deluded when people hear that things are going well when we all know they are not 4. Give the entire product team in India a break and show them so much more respect. I have had the pleasure of working with developers, QA's, Product owners and support teams. They are by far the single best assets Sprinklr has and they are not shown the respect they deserve (read other reviews about offices in India for more context). Instead of hiring new leaders for regions, new managers for people and new executives, why not cut the fat that is at Sprinklr and invest it to double the size of our product team and give them the best working conditions possible? 5. Listen to people, not just the ones who say things are great. Sprinklr was always great at listening 2-3 years ago. Now - it falls on deaf ears which is so sad to see.

Akt. Mitarbeiter - UX-Architekt

Ich arbeite seit weniger als einem Jahr bei Brandwatch (Vollzeit)


Brandwatch ist ein spaßiges, energisches und kreatives Unternehmen mit passionierten Mitarbeitern.Die Führungsetage ist zielgerichtet, offen, weiß gute Arbeit zu schätzen und äußert konstruktive... Kritik. Die Kollegen sind zuverlässig und kooperativ, was sie zu tollen Teamspielern macht. Man kann sich sicher sein, dass die eigene Meinung bei Kollegen und Geschäftsführung Gehör findet. Die einfache Kommunikation zwischen Teammitgliedern sorgt für ein ideales agiles Arbeitsumfeld.


In einer schnell wachsenden Firma zu arbeiten bedeutet, eine erhebliche Menge Arbeit zu erledigen, was sich manchmal negativ auf die Work-Life-Balance auswirken kann.