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Akt. Mitarbeiter - Corp Staff

Ich arbeite seit mehr als 5 Jahren bei Penske Media (Vollzeit)


There are several things about PMC that make it an amazing place to be - too many to list. I wanted to simply point out that for those employees in the LA headquarters, we received this email from... our CEO and HR team recently: 'With tonight’s forecasted winds and the threat of fires returning around the area, we want those of you in potential evacuation areas to know PMC is thinking of you and are here to support you. Should you and your loved ones be affected by evacuations, PMC would like to offer assistance and/or a place to stay during this time. Please simply reach out to us in Human Resources should there be a need of any kind.' I can't think of any other company, corporation, institution or business that would go out of its way for their employees like PMC does.


not applicable. read above.

Rat an das Management

keep being you.

Ehem. Mitarbeiter - Anonymer Mitarbeiter

Ich habe weniger als ein Jahr bei Hollywood Life gearbeitet (Vollzeit)


The building is close to public transport and good for commuters. Penske itself seems to care about employees but I honestly don't have anything positive to say about HL.


This is by far the worst place I have ever worked and I could write a book on all of the terrible treatment here. I understand my placement on the totem pole and am tolerant of how people treat me... but this is on a whole new level. Expect to be belittled at every opportunity, whether it be in front of all of your co-workers or while being screamed at over your personal cell phone for something you did not do. There is a lot of blame placed on others and frustration taken out on the innocent. You will be treated terribly whether you are liked or disliked. There is constant calling to your personal phone and you will be reamed out for missing a call if you happen to take a 2 minute toilet break. There is such a lack of humanity that it is laughable. You will be talked to as if you are less than dirt and it is truly damaging to the morale of the whole office and individual spirit of workers. Due to this treatment, most employees are miserable and produce a great deal of hostility towards one another . Be expected to be "on" all the time at all hours of the day and night for journalism that lacks integrity. You will be called and texted with demanding and belittling text messages even if you aren't working. There is required overtime to cover all award shows and there is no extra compensation besides partial comp days that are difficult to even get approved to use. The yelling and screaming is constant during award shows so be ready! If only employees were trusted to do their jobs (which they are capable of doing. There were a lot of smart people here) it may be a slightly better experience. I can't even watch award shows anymore because of this. For almost the whole duration of my employment, I suffered severe anxiety from the time I woke up until the time I went to bed. After a lengthy time of not working there, I am STILL plagued with it. My best recommendation for anyone looking to work here is to save your mental well being and DO NOT take the job, even in desperation. It is honestly not worth it. This place will stand out to future employers not because of the experience you gained here but because you survived and lived to tell the tale.

Rat an das Management

Save the integrity of your company and make changes to management. Not doing so will only result in future human resource related problems and continue the huge turnover rate. It is unreal that the... disrespectful treatment of the employees here has been tolerated for so long. Something as simple as kindness and respect goes a long way. Constant disrespect does not inspire great work or creativity. Trustworthy employees should be given more trust to do their job well.